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For one flat fee, you get access to the extensive Beehive Library full of junk journaling classes. Dozens of classes on building books, altering books, embellishing books, book covers, pages and adding fun details. You will get all of the scoop on creating books with found materials, designing unique covers and closures, adding pages, adding pockets, embellishments, PLUS tips on selling what you make. 


Thrift, Hunt, Repurpose

There is nothing that compares to creativity that comes from taking something that would have been discarded, recognizing its charm, and giving it new life. We will take paper ephemera and textiles - most likely stuff you already have - and learn to create super fun and interesting books and embellishments.

Connect With Others

Connect with an online community of like-minded women who are positive and fun. You will have access to a private Facebook group as well as VIP access to the workshop area on our website. Gain inspiration from learning together and sharing your altered book ideas while making new friends.

Learn Multiple Ways to Alter Books

In your extensive library, you will have dozens of classes organized and at your fingertips, your one-stop online creative home for all things junk journaling. Jennifer makes it fun and easy to follow along and the support, resources, and inspiration inside our private community is priceless. 


Jennifer's Keepsake Books & Junk Journals classroom is a collection of tutorials showing every step for creating vintage style hardcover and soft cover junk journals, with step-by-step instructions on binding and adding pages and everything in between. The classes are broken into sections, each containing step by step video demonstrations. Videos are presented in segments by topic and total more than 40 hours of instruction. The classroom is comprehensive enough for beginners while containing expert tips and techniques for junk journal pros.

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I have loved loved loved paper stuff since I was a little girl. I have vivid recollections of Current stationary and writing to my pen pal. I loved the stickers and the foldable notecards. I was a scrapbooker from an early age, pasting my favorite photos, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia to the brown paper pages. When scrapbooking became popular in the early 90's, I was all in! I spent many late nights cutting and pasting with my girlfriends, until the trend gave way to digital photography and memory keeping. 
I'm the type of creative who likes to repurpose. I get really inspired by book pages and old images from children's books. I love the printed word and - don't judge me - the smell of book pages.  Whether it's all of the cardstock and patterned paper left from my scrapbooking days, beautiful images from antique books, or vintage inspired fabric & textiles, I thrive on using it to create something wonderful. 
I love sharing what I've learned and the joy of making with others. The world of altered book making can seem overwhelming, but it's so tremendously fun and rewarding. I will break it down for you step-by-step and even provide printable pages and images for you if you need them. I am here to make it easy to understand and learn one step at a time. I know how many of  you want to learn more about altered book art - that's why I created The Keepsake Books Classroom & Community!

Immediate Access to 25 Classes With No Expiration!

*Immediate access to an introduction class that covers materials and member navigation and the basics you need to know to get started.

*Immediate access to dozens of step-by-step, easy and fun to follow videos on building and embellishing junk journals and altered books.

*A private library chock full of the juiciest and most fun ways to build and alter books.

*Digital printables and images to supplement your stash

*Private online community with access to Jennifer and other junk journalers who can answer your questions directly and give you inspiration and personal encouragement! 



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