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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I have loved paper and paste since I was a little girl. I have vivid recollections of Current stationary and writing to my pen pal. I loved the stickers and the foldable notecards. I was a scrapbooker from an early age, pasting my favorite photos, newspaper clippings, and memorabilia to the brown paper pages. When scrapbooking became popular in the early 90's, I was all in! I spent many late nights cutting and pasting with my girlfriends, until the trend gave way to digital photography and memory keeping. 

I'm the type of creative who likes to try new things and keep it interesting, and it almost always includes paper, paint, and textiles. Whether it's all of the cardstock and patterned paper left from my scrapbooking days, beautiful images from antique books, or vintage inspired fabric & textiles, I thrive on using it to create something wonderful. 

I love sharing what I've learned and the joy of making with others. Mixed Media Monthly is my way of encouraging and inspiring your creative endeavors so that you can fit it into your busy lifestyle. The binge-worthy videos are designed to be efficient and full of great inspiration, packed into a digestible bite of time. 


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