Welcome to a fulfilling creative experience, where there are no mistakes, imperfection is encouraged,

and using found scraps and foraged bits to make art is thrilling!  


If you:

  • Love the idea of using all kinds of stuff to make a work of art

  • Especially love fabrics, paper, and mixing it up

  • Get a thrill out of thrifting or using junk to make things 

  • Want to learn several mixed media techniques

  • Would enjoy a virtual craft retreat atmosphere with creative inspiration and social connection if you choose

    You are in the right place!


This workshop will be delivered in 5 parts:

Replays will be available in your private library on our website.

We will dig into:

  • Foraging for useable items from nature to use in our art
  • Using fabric and textiles 
  • Hunting, gathering & making collage material
  • Altering and aging paper and textiles
  • Freestyle hand stitching &/or machine stitching on fabric and paper
  • Creating your own mark making tools & stamps
  • Using unexpected items for mark making
  • Dyeing and distressing paper & textiles
  • Safely using fire to alter and age paper
  • Simple book binding
  • Assembling it all into an art book

Be inspired by others in our private community, a safe place to share your work.

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I absolutely love using paper, textiles, paint and found objects together to create art. There is something so satisfying about taking scrap paper and turning it into something so joyful. I love playing with color. And when paper paint, and textiles collide, it's absolutely the most satisfying creative magic.

I am here for you and want to make it all super easy to understand and learn one step at a time. Your joy is my joy and I love when people taking my classes surprise themselves with what they can do!