Turn your scrap paper and fabric scraps and Jennifer's printable vintage valentines into your own handmade valentines and a mailbox!

The Vintage Valentine Workshop & Exchange kicks off Tuesday, February 1st with a 2-hour livestream crafty demonstration. Don't worry - you can also catch the recording!
If you love old school style valentines celebrations and want to recapture the magical feelings of creating your own valentine box and exchanging valentines with your friends, this workshop is for you!

Learn Quick and Easy  Crafting Techniques

In this workshop you will:

  • Experience easier-than-you-think dimensional paper crafting techniques
  • Apply layered collage methods
  • Learn about stitching on paper
  • Learn to make something you can use for multiple events and seasons
  • Use your imagination and get lost in creativity like you did when you were a child
  • Enjoy printable materials from Jennifer's own collection, including vintage valentines and ephemera
  • Send & receive handmade Valentines through an organized swap inside our private group

Perfect for beginners or for those who want a quick and easy way to recapture creative mojo!

This workshop is the perfect place to enjoy loose and freestyle creating using simple techniques and easy to find affordable materials. If you love the idea of using paper in arts and crafts without the pressure and confusion of having to measure and be perfect, you will fit right in and are certain to learn something new!

Two pages of printable vintage valentines

from Jennifer's collection are included!


What do others say about Jennifer's workshops?


Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I absolutely love using paper and paint together to create art. There is something so satisfying about taking scrap paper and turning it into something so joyful.

I love playing with color.

And when paper and paint colors collide, it's absolutely the most satisfying creative magic.

I am here for you and want to make it all super easy to understand and learn one step at a time. Your joy is my joy and I love when people taking my classes surprise themselves with what they can do!