Junk Journal Club

As a Book Nooker, you get access to the extensive Beehive Library full of junk journaling classes. PLUS a workshop on selling what you make and a weekly opportunity to post what you have for sale! 

"Laundry Day"

$15 Mixed Media Workshop

In this workshop we will bring forth our authentic voice; utilize it to create our art piece, filled with words, images, feelings, phrases that feel nostalgic, comforting, and bring you peace from the inside out.

Wonky Paper Dolls

$15 Mixed Media Workshop 

One of my all-time favorite workshops! I am providing you with funky vintage clothing printables and you will use materials you likely already have in your craft supplies to create unique, wonky, adorable little works of mixed media art - paper doll style!

Tattered Houses

Mixed Media Workshop

Join Jennifer and a private community of other makers for this inspiring workshop. 

In this course we will explore:

Substrates, Supplies, and Tools
Hunting & Gathering Collage Material
Making Your Own Collage Materials
Hand Stitching & Machine Stitching on Paper
Working In A Series - Tiny Tattered Houses
Layering Details & Marks


Doll Rescue & Remake

Take a discarded doll and turn it into something fantastical!

Learn how to deconstruct, sculpt, rebuild, dress, and accessorize to create a new character.


"Quirky Birds"

$15 Mixed Media Workshop

We will create freely and loosely, embracing imperfection and a wonky whimsical style.

"Vintage Camper" 

$15 Mixed Media Workshop

Create and design your own vintage camper using my template and fun mixed media techniques. This workshop is 5 detailed step-by-step videos that you can watch at your leisure.

"Vintage Bicycle"

$15 Mixed Media Workshop

Join Jennifer for a fun mixed media experience and learn to create this adorable  project!

Junk Journal

$15 Flip Folio Workshop

In this workshop, you will use a cereal box or similar material (like posterboard) and other stuff you likely already have, and build a fabulous folio with handmade pockets and envelopes. 

"Winter Wonderland" 

$15 Mixed Media Workshop

Welcome the season by using paper and paint to create two wonderful holiday house scenes.