Enjoy A Steady Stream of Inspiration That Is All Planned For You

In our active hive, you will stay inspired not only by Jennifer's ideas but also each other. Classes are planned with member desires in mind and delivered live in real time. Recordings are organized for you in your personal library so you can watch and play anytime. Our private community on Facebook is full of inspiring images and ideas, and Bee Sisters who encourage and inspire each other.

Find Your Creative Home

Scrolling Pinterest and watching YouTube videos can be lonely and time-consuming with little creative satisfaction in return. When you make The Sisterhood your go-to place for learning, encouragement, and connection, you will find that our hive is all you need to experience creative fulfillment.

Get Hooked & Stay Hooked

Maker Bees believe that ripping paper and pasting it back together to create art is a bit addicting. Perhaps it's the meditative effect, or it could be the freedom to be messy. Once you start combining paint and collage using Jennifer's techniques, templates, and instruction, you will be hooked!

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