"Do you ever sleep?"

Uncategorized Jul 07, 2020

As I type this, I am comfortably tucked in to my favorite deck chair. It's a cushy wicker chair in the corner of my covered deck and provides the best view of trees that live behind us. My dog Charlie is staring at me, as usual, which is both sweet and unnerving. As this is my first blog post (yeehee) I feel a great deal of pressure to make it super gripping and juicy. So far, I fear I will ramble my way through. And truth be told, that may be how this buzzy blog shall be forever. 

Anyhoo, I'm here to answer the question I am tossed more than any other. "Do you ever sleep, " to which I giggle and sigh. I sleep very well, and the thing is my curiosity and my thoughts and often my hands and my feet are in motion from the moment I rise to the moment I slide myself under my favorite old quilt. I do not take long to succumb to sleep and when I wake, I rise. No snoozing, no lollygagging, and other than the mindless moments between waking to the first sip of coffee, I am in...

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