Take a ride into a world where paper and paint collide into a joyful art experience!

In this workshop, Jennifer will share surprising tips and tricks for using paper to create art.  With the included templates, Jennifer will demonstrate how to make a vintage bicycle into a sweet little work of art using bits and pieces of paper. And then it will all be brought together with some simple painting techniques (including the doggie!). By following Jennifer's step-by-step process, those who have taken this class have had a blast discovering new ways to be creative!


A full mixed media experience

What’s this workshop about?

PRE-RECORDED! This workshop is a self-paced experience. Three engaging videos can be viewed an unlimited number of times. Rewind, pause, fast forward and watch again and again with no expiration!

Who is it for?

Everybody! Especially...

  • Those willing to experience a journey of creative fulfillment, using paper and paint in inventive ways.
  • Those who want to learn several mixed media techniques.
  • Creatives who want to explore what it means to create freely, embracing imperfection.
  • Beginners will find this a perfect place to start and experienced artists are sure to pick up new techniques and expand their skills.
  • The workshop is a self-paced experience. You will have access to three classes that will take you through a super fun, detailed step-by-step start to finish process.
  • In addition, access will be provided to a private group to share and get inspiration and support.

Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I'm the type of creative who likes to repurpose and try new things and techniques. I get really inspired by book pages and old images from children's books. I love the printed word and - don't judge me - the smell of book pages.  Whether it's all of the cardstock and patterned paper left from my scrapbooking days, beautiful images from antique books, or vintage inspired fabric & textiles, I thrive on using paint techniques combined with these materials to create something wonderful. 
I love sharing what I've learned and the joy of making with others. I am here to make it easy to understand and learn one step at a time. My joy is your joy and I love when people taking my classes surprise themselves with what they can do!
Let's Play!