Who is this workshop for?

  • Those who love taking something discarded and giving it new life using fun creative techniques.
  • Those willing to challenge themselves with something new to learn.
  • Those who would enjoy a virtual "craft retreat" atmosphere with creative inspiration and social connection.
  • Beginners will find support and encouragement from an interactive teacher, and experienced artists are sure to pick up new techniques and expand their skills.

This workshop is a create at your own pace experience, including recordings that you may watch, rewatch and enjoy with no expiration.

Be inspired by others in our private community, a safe place to share your work.

In this workshop we will explore:

  1. Deconstruction - how to source and take apart a doll.
  2. Sculpting - Jennifer makes it easy to follow, even if you've never tried sculpting before.
  3. Reconstructing your doll -the secrets to using parts and pieces to reconstruct your own unique doll. 
  4. Working with textiles and found materials.
  5. Dressing & accessorizing your doll - surprisingly simple techniques, no sewing machine necessary. 

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Hi, I'm Jennifer!

I am crazy about taking something and turning it into something else. I love finding things that have been discarded and giving them a new "life". And I love using textiles and found objects and quirkly little bits to add to my art. And art that makes us smile is the best kind of all!

I am here for you and want to make it all super easy to understand and learn one step at a time. Your joy is my joy and I love when people taking my classes surprise themselves with what they can do!

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